What Should I Bring?

Food, Medications, and shot records.

We provide bedding, bowls, toys, and fun. 

You may bring any comforts from home (blankets, beds, toys)- but please note we can't guarantee they will come back in the same condition they were brought in

My Dog is un-altered, can you board him/her?

Yes! We have protocols in place to avoid any mishaps with unaltered dogs. Unless noted, unaltered dogs can have the same social experiences as altered dogs.

Boarding your furry family member may bring a few questions- please see below for some of our most common questions answered.

we treat your pets like family

​West Eugene Kennels

My Train/Plane/Car/Boat will arrive after you close or before you open, Can I pickup/drop-off my pup before/after anyway? 

No. We do not allow pickups or drop-offs outside of business hours. 

My dog does not like other dogs- is that okay? 

Yes! Though social play is a highlight for many dogs- if your dog is more of a lone wolf- no problem! our staff will provide lots of extra love, exercise, and enrichment to ensure a positive experience for your pup.

Can you board my human aggressive dog?

No. If the staff can not safely handle your dog without risk of bite or injury, we cannot board them at our facility. 

Any dog that displays human aggressive behavior will need to be picked up immediately. 

Please note- many dogs do not fall into this category- if you are unsure if this may apply to your pup- give us a call and we will do our best to assess via telephone.